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Darby Shaw Chronicles Box Set – Liberty Speidel (Paranormal Mystery, PG-13, violence, language, sensuality)
What if you could resurrect the dead?
All Officer Darby Shaw wants is to make detective. But when she inadvertently brings a murder victim back to life, Darby’s pathway to achieving her goal takes a sharp left turn.
Together with her new partner, homicide Detective Mark Herman, Darby must learn what it means to be a superhuman with a one-of-a-kind power. But stopping murderers and bringing the dead back to life aren’t everything this pair have to deal with: they’ll have their hands full keeping people from taking advantage of her abilities…
$3.99 regularly, $2.99 November 21 – December 1

Omission (Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 4) – Liberty Speidel (Paranormal Mystery, PG-13, violence, language, sensuality, sexual situations)
It’s been three years since police Detective Darby Shaw found out she’s a superhuman who can revive the murdered. In that time, she and the Department of SuperHuman Affairs have had a tumultuous relationship. But when one of their agents ends up dead in her jurisdiction, Darby must set aside her hate in order to pursue justice, especially with the Department hostile to her and Mark.
Mark Herman, her partner, is still reeling from the revelation Darby kept secret for two years: he’s not normal, but neither is he a superhuman. Angry, hurt, and confused, he wars with himself—is she worth the trouble? When new department psychologist and empathic super William Young makes moves on Darby, Mark must face his own jealousy—and try not to piss off Darby in the process.
$3.99 regularly, $2.99 November 21 – December 1

Rebirth – Amy Brock McNew (Urban Fantasy, PG-13, violence, adult situations)
Liz Brantley has a gift she wants to return.
Able to see and fight demonic forces, she has spent her life battling the minions of hell bent on her destruction, and running from her curse. Drawn to her abilities, the demon Markus unleashes havoc on her hometown and pulls Liz further into the throes of battle.
She’s desperate for a normal life.
When she meets a mysterious man, the life she’s always wanted moves within reach. But her slice of normal slips from her grasp when an old flame, Ryland Vaughn, reappears with secrets that will alter her destiny.
Torn between two worlds, Liz is caught in an ancient war between good and evil.
And she isn’t sure which side to choose.

Reconciliation – Amy Brock McNew (Urban Fantasy, PG-13+, violence, adult situations, depictions of human trafficking)
Some ghosts from the past refuse to stay dead.
Finally everything is coming together for Liz Brantley. She’s marrying the man of her dreams, embraced her calling, and she’s left her dark past far behind her.
Or so she thought.
A secret she’s stuffed down deep surfaces at the wrong time, leaving a trail of devastation.
And the demon Kade capitalizes on her shaken faith. With a vengeance.
Torn between her tortured past and the future she craves, Liz is desperate to defeat every demon that stands in her way.
Before all hell breaks loose and swallows her whole.

Relent – Kat Heckenbach (Paranormal Romance, PG-13, mild swearing, off-screen premarital sex with nothing more than kissing on-screen, adult themes
After spending her life in foster care, Simone discovers she’s half angel when the demon Wraith comes into the diner where she waits tables. Wraith–the only one who is ever truthful enough with her to admit his words are mostly lies. When Simone searches for the ex-lover and child she rejected, and the balance between human and angel begins to shift in her, she must turn to Wraith regardless of whether she can trust him or not.

The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline – Tabitha Caplinger (urban fantasy, PG-13, creepy demons & moderate violence)
In this first installment of the Christian fantasy trilogy The Chronicle of the Three, Zoe Andrews learns that not all shadows are harmless interceptions of light. Some are a more sinister darkness that wants to torment the soul. Zoe must decide if she is willing to pick up a sword and fight beside her demon-slaying aunt Claire. Also, there’s pie.

The Chronicle of the Three: Armor-Bearer – Tabitha Caplinger (urban fantasy, PG-13, creepy demons & moderate violence)
Darkness creeps around every corner as demons gather in the small town of Torch Creek, Virginia. The Destroyer has arrived, and the Reaping is coming closer by the day. Zoe knows it’s her duty as the Daughter of the Three to hold back the shadows, but she doesn’t know how—and time is running out. Zoe and her friends turn to the ancient text of The Chronicle for help. Are they strong enough to withstand an enemy who exploits their deepest fears and doubts? Will they find the answers they’re looking for before all of Hell is unleashed?

Forged Steel – H.A. Titus (Contemporary, PG-13, violence, crude language)
The old Gaelic legends of fae and monsters are true, and Josh MacAllister just stumbled right into them. When his best friend, Marc, is kidnapped, Josh throws in his lot with his friend’s Sidhe allies. But what began as a rescue mission becomes something much more involved…and all Josh wants to do is get out before it’s too late.
$2.99 regularly, $0.99 November 26 & 27

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