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Coiled – H.L. Burke (YA, PG, minor language and allusions to adult situations)
In the vein of Eros and Psyche, two cursed souls find each other on a forsaken isle and together must shed the darkness inflicted upon them–or else live as monsters forever.
$0.99 November 24 – 30 Amazon:
All other booksellers

Finding Angel – Kat Heckenbach (YA Fantasy, PG, targeted at young teens, some scenes not appropriate for children)
Angel wants desperately to be a part of the magic worlds in fantasy novels. She also wants to know who she was before her loving foster parents found her wandering the street at age six with amnesia. Neither will ever happen.
Until her brother finds a mysterious black beetle with silver specks. Then a strange boy with the same specks in his eyes is forced to save her life – with magic – and memories flash through Angel’s mind…

The Red Rider – Randall Dunn (YA, paranormal, PG-13, violence, suggested graphic violence)
16-year old Helena Basque remains disfigured with triple scars across her face, from a childhood attack by a monstrous wolf. Using the skills she’s developed in hunting and fighting, she uncovers a secret army of such wolves threatening her province, Armed with a repeating crossbow, she dons a red cloak like the one she was once forbidden to wear and starts a one-girl war against the beasts, refusing to stop or slow down until she destroys every last one.
$0.99 November 23 – 26 (reg. $4.99)

Rotovegas – Grace Bridges (YA – Urban Fantasy, PG, one brief violent scene)
Superpowers from hot springs? Who knew?
Anira finds herself mysteriously affected by legendary spirits emanating from the natural geology and untamed thermal forces of New Zealand. And they have a job for her to do.
$0.99 November 20 – 30

Rotovegas: Initiation – Grace Bridges (YA – Urban Fantasy, PG)
In this fast-paced introduction to the Earthcore series, you’ll get to meet Anira, Tiger, and all of the gang in Rotorua, New Zealand, as they come face to face with the most powerful creature they’ve ever encountered – and it has a gift for them.
$0.99 on Amazon; Free through the author’s website

Inharmonic – A.K.R. Scott (NA, PG-13, violence, kissing)
When music is magic, a single note can seal your fate. Fleeing capture and certain death, can Nadja unravel the mysteries linking her to Amrantir’s checkered past? And can she fend off the advances of the handsome woodsman determined to help her?
If you like strong female characters, intrigue, romance, and a rich, and sometimes quirky, supporting cast, you’ll love Inharmonic.
$0.99 November 24 – 27

Meg Mitchell & the Secret of the Journal – Kimberley McNeil (Epic/Urban, YA, PG, violence)
Meg Mitchell grew up in an alternate dimension, but when she learns about her long-lost cousin, she leaves for San Francisco. With the help of prodigy teen detectives Barb and Jim Taylor, Meg will scour the city for her cousin, but in searching for the family she lost, she may lose the family she already has.

Spark – J.M. Hackman (YA, PG)
Brenna is just a normal teen—going to school, hanging out with friends, shooting fire from her bare hands…um, what? When her mother disappears, Brenna travels through a portal to find her. But life on the other side involves intimidating griffins, cryptic prophecies, and elusive enemies. She must choose wisely whom to trust or lose everything.

Galthain’s Bones – Krystine Kercher (YA, PG, sword-fighting and dead people)
A seeress sends thirteen-year-old Bjorn Horsa across the desert seeking treasure from the ruins of Deathwater: a map, a journal, and his ancestor’s bones. Follow Bjorn’s quest as he makes allies, receives unexpected aid, and encounters hidden treachery. In the bonus story, The Wager, Bjorn and his cousins take on his older brothers in a game of War and a series of pranks.
$0.99 November 24 – December 1

Fathom – Merrie Destefano (YA Urban Fantasy, PG, kissing and mild violence)
Turning 16 should have been wonderful. It wasn’t. That was when Kira Callahan found out all her family secrets—and one of those secrets had already killed two people in her family. Now she’s next on the list…
$0.99 November 23 – 27

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