jediaaronAaron DeMott


Aaron is the author of the Psygens and Space Cats series, and the Etherno series. Aaron is a certified Linux nerd who’s been a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars as long as long as he can remember. Naturally he writes space-opera. He lives in rural Michigan with his wife, four kids, and at least two cats.
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Joshua Hardt


Josh is an avid reader, ecumenical nerd, and lover of puns. He currently resides in Kansas whilst building a secret lair in the Pacific Northwest. He helps wrangle/keep safe a gaggle of kiddos at his church. When not living in worlds of others’ devising, Josh enjoys nighttime walks and board games. He’s currently working on two secret projects set to be released in the next year.

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Liberty Speidel


From her super-secret lair near Kansas City, Liberty Speidel imagines no-nonsense stories with heart-hitting appeal. Subsisting a little too heavily on Earl Grey tea and dark chocolate-covered almonds, she claims this helps her write the highly-acclaimed Darby Shaw Chronicles and upcoming Justice trilogy. Her husband and kids occasionally pull her away from the computer for camping and hiking trips with her beloved Labrador Retriever.

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