This week we welcome novelist, publisher, and editor; the one and only Jeff Gerke.a1kntcyxqrl-_ux250_

In part one, we make a LOT of Star Wars references (is Jeff or Aaron the bigger fan?) We also come really close to getting Liberty to enter a giggle feedback loop. (Remember: breath in, giggle out. Without this advice, Liberty might have passed out!)

We even discuss some matters of actual importance, such as the frustrating and contradictory “Rules of Writing”, and more importantly, how, when, and why to ignore them. There’s even neuroscience behind it, not kidding! Yes, you too can use this technique to make your books as addictive as crack for the low monthly price of… free?? Yes, FREE! Check out the giveaway farther down on this post…

And Jeff continues our trend for authors who love Batman as their favorite superhero. Will we find someone who prefers another hero? You’ll have to come back for future episodes to find out…

41jp2lwgyel-_uy250_In part the second, Jeff talks about writers that are either plot first (typically plotting writers) and character first (pantser writers.)

We also talk more about freeing yourself from the rules of fiction (Aaron does interrupt with a rule that can’t be broken…) Jeff talks about his writing process, how it has evolved over the past 20 years, and how he keeps his writing flow going.

And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, we get off track and talk about Star Wars again! (and Lord of the Rings, and a few others…) But, to the surprise of all of us, there is a point to it! (Really, not kidding!) These stories, and chances are, a lot of other ones you love, all use the Hero’s Journey. Don’t know what that is? Want to know how it influenced Jeff as a writer? Listen to the podcast…

Still confused, want more? Don’t worry,  Jeff is available as a freelance editor and typesetter. Check out his website for details and pricing… do it… you know you want to…

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Links to things we discussed:
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Sharon Hinck
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