We’re just a couple weeks away from bringing you our debut podcasts, and you may be asking: why lasers, dragons, and keyboards (or LDK)? Or maybe who will I be listening to?

First, why LDK?

We’re writers. Writers of fantasy and science fiction. Aaron, Josh, and I met at a sci-fi/fantasy writers conference. All three of us write different things and have different interests within the broader sci-fi/fantasy genre, but we have one focus: we love great science fiction & fantasy books &  films.

As writers, we want to bring you interviews and insight from your favorite–or maybe your next favorite–sci-fi or fantasy authors. We want to talk about their books, and we want to talk about their process. If you’re a reader, you’ll love hearing about books and authors you’re eagerly anticipating, or about someone you want to put on your TBR list on Goodreads. If you’re an author, we hope our writer-casts will inspire you and bring you new insights into the writing process.

Now, who will you be listening to?

Obviously, Aaron, Josh, and me (Liberty). We’ll be doing a few short shows that will clue you in to how crazy we all are. But I can tell you one thing–we have a blast together, and we think you’ll enjoy our special brand of geekiness.

About Aaron: Aaron has had a few different jobs, ranging from computer tech support, to real-estate, and lawn and farm sales and service. He also enjoys photography and reading, and has been a Star Trek and Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember. The Psygen Chronicles, Book 1: A New Threat is Aaron’s first novel.

About Josh: Josh is an avid reader, ecumenical nerd, and lover of puns. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and two high-energy children. He helps out – and cracks wise – at the men’s group at his church. When not living in worlds of others’ devising, Josh enjoys nighttime walks and board games. He’s currently hard at work on his first novel.

About Liberty: I cut my teeth on Star Trek: TNG and never really looked back. Wife and mom now, I spend way more time than I probably should with my head outside our solar system or reality.

We hope you’ll join us for our debut episodes very, very soon!