Our first ever guest for the Podcast was the fabulous Lindsay Franklin. After the inevitable technical difficulties we took time out to discuss the merits of homeschooling.lindsay-franklin-LR-2

We got to learn the awesome origins of the name of her current work-in-progress, The Story Peddler. Believe us – it’s worth the listen just for that!

We got to hear some interesting facts about farming near salt water, cocaine addiction, and more in our ‘Weird Google-Fu’ segment.

Lindsay shared a bit about how Real Life stuff caused this book to take longer than her typical process…and why that’s not a bad thing.

We also had the chance to hear Lindsay wax eloquent on the plotter/pantser debate. Her editing process was also discussed.

Aaron couldn’t resist teasing our guest. A trend that we are all sure will continue for years to come.

We also all geeked out over Scrivener, the world’s most awesome writing software. You’d have thought we were sponsored by them or something.

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