61zknlefpwl-_ux250_As the founder of the first–and only, to the best of our knowledge–conference for writers of faith with a sci-fi and fantasy bent, one may think Rebecca “Becky” Minor might be a bit too busy to sit down with us lowly podcasters. However, Becky is a wonderful person to chat with, and we’re delighted that she took time out of her schedule to have a lively discussion with us this week!

Writing as Rebecca P. Minor, Becky authors the Windrider Saga (the only one out right now is Divine Summons), which I am definitely going to have to put on my TBR pileerr, mountain…err, okay, well it’s a library at this stage. The description of her protagonist alone is enough to make someone say, “Uh, yeah, I need to read that!”

In Episode 15, you’ll learn the following:

  • How Becky’s interesting history informs her writing.51nbukvohbl-_sx332_bo1204203200_
  • What drives Becky crazy in other author’s books?
  • Some of her favorite authors–there’s a few names on the list who are familiar, and some others who may not be.
  • How her art–and she is an amazing artist!–informs her writing.
  • Plus a lot more, including her plans to do something special with her existing books…

Episode 16 features more discussion on her writing, as well as Realm Makers, the world’s most AWESOME writing conference for nerds and geeks of faith!

  • ┬áBecky’s writing process, since she’s a full-on pantser. We have a lengthy discussion about how Scrivener can be used by the pantser…even though Becky isn’t an adopter.
  • Becky’s odd item that she’s Googled is quite unusual.
  • We discuss Becky’s favorite book (you probably won’t be surprised) and the version she has on her bookshelves.
  • Costco is one of our famous bunny-trails…and you’ll find the diversion quite hilarious. (One word: Pickles.)
  • Realm Makers! What is it, how did it get started, and what’s coming up for it in 2016! (Awesome writer’s conference for us geeks–you really should come!)
  • And much, much more!

Links to Things and People we discussed:

Episode 15 Audio Link
Episode 16 Audio Link