We have Andrew Winch on this week, who is the executive editor with Splickety Publishing group where he’s worked with a whole host of authors including Jerry B. Jenkins, Tosca Lee, and Robert Liparulo. He’s a full time physical therapist when he’s not running around with Ben Wolf.

In this episode:

  • Google is a wonderful thing. 😉
  • Who is Ben Wolflichman?
  • Wrangling flaming pigs
  • Gothic horror / steampunk
  • Weird stuff submitted to Splickety (hint: did you guess frog erotica?)
  • Andrew’s love of creepy stuff
  • Don’t edit your voice out of your story!!!
  • Is writing flash fiction a perfectionist’s game?
  • What 3 tips would Andrew give to improve your writing?
  • Why you should read women’s fiction.
  • You have to write a great story.
  • Supporting characters Andrew wants to know more about!