This week we have hopeless romantic, H.L. (Heidi) Burke on the show. She’s totally obsessed with dragons, but we know a few people who also are, so we won’t hold it against her.

In episode 73:

  • We discuss the Eros & Psyche myth again (see Laura VAB’s recent episode for more E&P!) as H.L.’s book, Coiled, is based on the myth.
  • Heidi’s desire to go “aww” while writing.
  • How we have to release our books to the world and they become a part of the world instead of ours.
  • Myths are out of copyright—we can plagiarize them!
  • Can snakes get sea sick?
  • Star Trek rants!
  • Re-reading on Goodreads
  • Myers Briggs analysis of characters


In episode 74:

  • The evolution of a pantser to a plotter
  • Guess which of Heidi’s offspring might be a future Bond villain!
  • Lyrics in music? Yes or no?
  • The adventures of being a military wife
  • Why Heidi doesn’t think she’s a very deep person.
  • Working with an editor when you’ve been self-published first
  • How Sarah picks her release dates
  • Aaron warns new authors about vanity presses
  • Who is Theodore??