We’ve got some great insight into intellectual property law with attorney Steve Fairchild. It may sound boring, but as authors, it’s important we understand at least a little bit about the law.

We start things out with an overview of what’s encompassed in intellectual property, and then it really gets fun!

In Episode 76:

  • How biology degrees relates to intellectual property
  • How Steve gets his clients
  • Can you use the term “lightsaberâ„¢” in your book?
  • Does I.P. law translate to other countries?
  • Finding an I.P. attorney…and do you need one?
  • What’s the difference between an I.P. attorney and an agent?
  • When does copyright exist?
  • Do you need to file your copyright with the copyright office?
  • What happens when your work has been pirated?
  • Can I.P. law be funny?
  • How Steven actually informed an episode of Suits–and how they got it wrong!
  • What Steven finds frustrating in fiction about the law
  • Bunny trails!
  • Do I need to copyright my idea formally with the copyright office?
  • Fair use law
  • Steve’s advice on courtroom scenes
  • Steve’s favorite movies about legal stuff