We were delighted to have with us NYT bestselling author, Ed Greenwood, on this week’s episode of the show! For those not in the know, Mr. Greenwood is the creator of The Forgotten Realms.

Note to listeners: we had not only our producer missing, but the guys had to jury-rig a setup to record. Mr. Greenwood joined us over the phone, which was not what we had planned—but we were delighted to have him despite our technical difficulties. (Liberty’s hair may or may not be more grey after editing…) Also, for our listeners with sensitive ears, there is some mild swearing in this episode.

The guys mostly let Mr. Greenwood talk, and as such, we think this is an episode best listened to rather than trying to sum it up. But we do get a history lesson on publishing and research. My word, do we have it easy nowadays.

Everything in a home exists to support bookshelves. ~ Ed Greenwood