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LDK 56 – Happy 1st Anniversary!

We finally sat down to do our anniversary episode, and since we hadn’t chatted lately, added in short discussions of the two best movies of 2016: Doctor Strange and Rogue One.

It didn’t take long for hilarity to ensue (really, so you expect any different from us?) as we had some frank discussion over the movies and our desire to see both again (pre-order anyone?) 18 stars for Doctor Strange from the three of us and 8.5 – 9 stars for Rogue One (since Aaron hadn’t seen it yet!)

After talking movies & books, we get into a recap of the last year and hint at what’s coming up in 2017. Aaron hits his sugar high for the day, and turns into the LDK version of Twitchy from Hoodwinked. Liberty tries to be serious, but this is LDK. It doesn’t last long!

We have to be serious for a moment and thank our listeners for tuning in, and our guests for being willing guinea pigs, err, victims, err, to come on the show and hang out. We love doing the show and love sharing a bit of ourselves with you. We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

In this episode:

Doctor Strange
Rogue One 

Redshirts (on Audible)
The Dispatcher (on Audible)
IT Crowd (For mature audiences!)


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  1. Happy first anniversary Libert, Josh and Aaron. Congratulations on a great year (and a bit) of podcasting.

    I’ve been listening from day 1 and have enjoyed the ride very much. I was thrilled to find a podcast talking to speculative fiction authors who are predominantly Christian. You’ve interviewed many familiar names and introduced me to some others.

    Keep up the great work.

    It would definitely be great if you could get Ted Dekker and Brandon Sanderson. Also, a live show would be a lot of fun.

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